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Bird Bowl Leagues 2017-2018

Leagues Times
Senior Birds 11:50 AM
Mon. Hdcp Classic 6:40 PM
Budweiser Mixed 6:40 PM
Kendale Lakes Moose 6:40 PM
Generation Gap 6:45 PM
Leagues Times
Queen Bees 9:20 AM
Mundo Latino 9:20 AM
Telephone Employees 6:40 PM
Popular Community Bank 7:15 PM
Leagues Times
B.I.L.L. 9:50 AM
Wed. Handicap Ladies 6:40 PM
Wednesday Nite Turkeys 6:40 PM
Leagues Times
Thursday AM Ladies 9:50 PM
Kallinosis Hdcp League 6:40 PM
Thurs. Night Hdcp 6:40 PM
Leagues Times
Friday Early Birds 10:50 AM
SNL 6:40 PM
Lucky Strikers 6:40 PM
TGIF 6:40 PM
Leagues Times
Bantams 9:15 AM
Super Preps 9:15 AM
Jr. Olympians 9:15 AM
Allstars 9:15 AM
Morning Stars 9:15 AM
KCC Men’s League 9:30 AM
Lucky Stars 11:30 AM

NOTE: The leagues standing pages listed above are only for league bowlers.  If you need a different type of file other than PDF to view, please contact and one will be produced for you.